Rise of the 90’s: It’s been awhile since you’ve been in the scene as we were in the nineties, what have you been up to since then.

A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.: „I had to take a break from the music biz because I had to concentrate on getting my personal life together, as well as examine exactly where I belong in the music game, both came with a lot of sacrifices, I experienced a lot of jealousy and hate, I’ve had burnouts to the point that I almost quit making music, problem is that I’m not the quitting type, so it was an internal battle for awhile, once I realized who and what the negative elements in my life were, I started getting rid of them, regardless of if they were friends, family, or people I’ve worked with, they had to go so I could concentrate on rebuilding my life.

I kept myelf busy with physical training (MMA and Weights), reading, I also became a Referee in Football and Basketball for the United States Army reffing games for soldiers and their children as well as for the soldiers coming back from deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was a great experience, it did me a lot of good and it gave me a sense of normalcy again after those years in the limelight.

Then I decided not to come back until I have more creative control and freedom of my music, and it was like an Indiana Jones adventure, I had a lot of stones in my path and had to go through a lot to overcome them, I’ve been producing for over 20 years and it’s about time for me to get my shine.

Rise of the 90’s: Magic Affair with the song „Omen 3“ was the beginning of your hit career, how was the work with them, and what led you to decide to go solo?

A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.: The experience was very unexpected, Magic Affair was literally an overnight sensation with „Omen 3“, and the following singles „Give me all your love“, „In the middle of the night“, and „Fire“ which all were high on the charts, most at the same time, plus the album „Omen…The story continues“, which had us on the road 85% of the year, the success came with a lot of stress, we were new to it and sometimes made mistakes, but we overcame them professionally, besides that, Franca and I come from 2 different worlds of music as well as walks of life, and it was bound to happen that we would pursue our own solo careers, I recieved my opportunity, and announced it at the 1995 Echo Awards in Germany when I won the award „Dance single of the year“ for Magic Affair’s „Omen 3“.

Rise of the 90’s: Your solo career started with „Booya Music“ after a very successful run with Magic Affair, how did that go then having your own space to be creative?

A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.: In 1997 after touring back to back with The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, I joined Booya Music/ Universal and was featured on Toni Cottura’s (Fun Factory) first solo single „Da partyboom“, then went on to release my first solo song „Light in me“ ft. Mike Marshall (Luniz- I got 5 on it) which went Top 20 on the German charts, followed by „In the game“ ft. Will Williams which went Top 30 on the Germn charts, both charting Top 40 all over Euope, it was good having to be able to move freely on a stage you set, and with a name you make for yourself. Unfortunately I wasn’t included in „Booya Family“ photo sessions, song or video projects, which was essential to the promotion and development of Booya Music and it’s Artists, so I was getting the feeling like I was being kept out of the picture, but Booya had many artists with hits and had their hands full so I couldn’t blame them for the lack of attention at the end, I left and spent a lot of time in the studio until Booya Records approached me again in 1999, then I released A.K.-S.W.I.F.T. & Mazaya „It’s On“ which went Top 50 in the German charts, and „Do you wanna die“ featuring Craig Smart, months later Booya Records announced that the label will dissolve.

image1Rise of the 90’s: So what have you been doing musically since then, and what are your plans for the future?

A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.: „I was on a couple of features with a some arists over the past few years, I was featured on 2 songs “One nation and Sunburn” from Simon Collins (Son of Phil Collins) the album „Time for truth as a Moderator, 3 songs on the Legends & Diamonds Dream Project, Russian Artist Struggle Da Preacher with 2pac’s Outlawz Young Noble song “365 Grind”, Sport songs for The BBL (Basketball Bundesliga) „You Know The Names“ the leagues official song in 2001, and European NFL Team The Frankfurt Galaxy song „Here we come“ in 2002, and at least 15 more features.

In 2007 Mike Staab and Bernd Waldstädt approached Franca Morgana and Myself with the offer of a Magic Affair „Omen 3“ remix release, and a possible comeback album with the original artists, we accepted it and represented it on promotional tours and 90’s events, with our first televised comeback appearance on Oliver Geissen’s „The Ultamative Chartshow“ „The most successful dancefloor hits of all time“ with us placing #24 from the Top 100, I continued to tour with magic Affair and even work on a few demo’s but nothing that I would have considered comeback material, plus the call for me to go to back to my music was strong, so in 2013 I decided to leave Magic Affair indefinitly.

„I started my own label „Ghettoninja Inc“, producing and being featured on projects for artists in Hip Hop, RnB, and Dance tracks in Europe and America, I’m working with „Chubb Records“ and their crew in Mannheim Germany on my next single „Reigning Day“ which will be released in March followed by my E.P. in May 2016, which I’ll be working with different producers such as „Fat Vibes Music“ in Offenbach Germany, „Mystic Styles“ in Bamberg Germany, and DPE Music in the USA, I’m also producing a new Dance Floor act together with producer Bernd Waldstädt (Omen 3) and have a few surprise guests lined up for the project.

I’ve appeared in a few small roles in a couple of independent films, and been recently approached by Film Writers, Producers, and Directors to do more up scale roles, I’m checking out a few scripts at the moment, and I’ll see from there.

Last but not least I’ve accepted the position of columnist for Mittelpunkt-Zeitung, with my own column called „Rise of the 90’s“ Interviewing Music Artists from the 90’s, asking about whats going on Then and Now, which I will immediately do after this interview, and „AK On Tour“ where I hit the Streets, Clubs, Studios, Festivals, and Concerts, doing live interviews Music Artists from the New and The Old School, you can get info and more at my website www.ak-swift.com

Rise of the 90’s: Thank you very much for taking the time for the interview, we wish you all the best in the future.


Thank you very much for having me.
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